Pastor Bobby Gourley

In August of 2014, Christ Chapel called Pastor Bobby, his wife, Toyia, and their four children to Florence, Alabama, to be their lead pastor. They moved from Nashville, TN, and left their home church, Cornerstone Nashville, to plant roots in the Shoals. Pastor Bobby served on staff at Cornerstone and also previously served at Northridge Church in White House, TN.

Pastor Bobby was a self-described atheist filled with bitterness, anger, and doubt. Bobby tried to fill the pain in his heart through lust, drugs, and alcohol always looking for the truth in the world. During his search for truth Jesus found him and revealed His truth to Bobby. Pastor Bobby experienced God's amazing grace, and you can watch his incredible story here: Bobby's Testimony.

Since that day, Bobby has had a passion and commitment to connect with people who question God and His existence and help them see God's love, truth, and grace. Pastor Bobby's desire is to engage people where they are, make disciples, and raise up leaders who will change the world.

Pastor Bobby is an innovative leader and incredible preacher. He believes that Christ Chapel should be the most empowering place in the world and strives to equip and empower people to be everything God has called them to be. He has a unique preaching style that makes the deep truths of the Bible relevant, simple, and applicable. He preaches with energy, humor, and power. He also uses visual techniques to illustrate biblical truths and demonstrate the beauty of the gospel.

Toyia is an outstanding communicator, leader, and connector. She is a wife, mother, friend, and also a lover of Jesus.  She loves to pour into others and do ministry face to face. She leads the SALT Ladies ministry as well as our local outreach initiatives and our international missions. 

Pastor Bobby and Toyia both love to connect with people to share their stories over coffee. They both believe that we are all better together, and ministry is, many times, more efficient done face to face. Our stories of God's grace help others through their hardships and point them to our Lord Jesus. 

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