Discipleship Pathway

Discipleship Pathway

Chapel Discipleship is a path to lead others to be with Jesus, become like Jesus, and do what Jesus did together in gospel community.

Discipleship Objectives at Chapel

Be With Jesus
Learn how to spend time with Jesus, abide in Jesus, and rest in Jesus through personal devotion and prayer.

Become Like Jesus
Learning how to experience spiritual formation, wholeness, freedom, and holiness.

Do What Jesus Did
Learning to live a life obedience, love, and mission to advance God's Kingdom.

Discipleship Strategy at Chapel

Community Groups
Community Groups are central to the life of our church, and biblically, we see that believers being connected to small group communities is essential. We want everyone at Chapel to go deeper in their relationship with God by building gospel community with others.

Chapel Essentials
Essentials are foundational discipleship information and practices that help followers become Spirit-empowered disciples of Jesus. They are classes offered on Sunday mornings to continually impart Chapel discipleship DNA into our church. Essentials Classes are Gospel Essentials, Discipleship Essentials, Holy Spirit Essentials, and Evangelism Essentials.

Equip Classes
Equip Classes help you internalize your faith and practically apply it to your everyday life. We teach equip classes on various topics where you can join people across our campus every Wednesday nights as we help create a foundation on which you can build and live out your faith.

Discipleship Groups
Discipleship groups are where we gather consistently in groups of 2 or 3 same gender groups for intentional investment, encouragement and accountability.

Missional Discipleship
Evangelistic is where you are sent out to share the gospel with others and disciple them. The one word that describes Evangelistic is immersion because we learn and grow the most by doing. Evangelistic discipleship happens through mission trips, evangelism training, living on mission, and Community Groups.