Pray Shoals

Transforming Our City by Uniting Our Churches
Transforming Our City by Uniting Our Churches

Pray Shoals is a partnership of pastors and ministry leaders who pray and work together to transform our city by uniting our churches through praying for revival in our churches and the renewal of our region.


Build relationships.
Everything we do flows from relationships because we believe “the Kingdom of God moves at the speed of trust.” We primarily focus on building relationships between pastors and ministry leaders.


  • Practice unified prayer.
    We practice unified prayer by coordinating regional pastoral prayer networks throughout the Shoals.
  • Encourage service and evangelism.
    We host annual citywide events and foster ongoing communication, advocacy, bridge building, service projects and evangelism through relationships formed in our regional networks.


Pastoral Prayer Network
These groups consist of 3-12 pastors meeting weekly or monthly for friendship and prayer. These prayer networks often lead to ways in which they work together for the good of their immediate community. Each group is also encouraged to participate in citywide events as well. Some networks are denominationally organized while others are multi-denominational.


Lunch and Learn for Ministry Leaders
Twice a year, we gather our entire network of ministry leaders together for a time of equipping and encouragement. Our hope is to remind our ministry leaders that they aren’t alone, and offer some practical wisdom as they navigate the challenges of ministry. Lunch will be provided and we will have a panel of special guests to learn and to collaborate and strategize to renew our city.


A prayer initiative for churches, organizations and small groups to mobilize the Shoals to pray without ceasing.
Prayer Partners Sign-Up: Churches, small groups, and other organizations sign up to cover one day in prayer every month. Check out our resource on how to help you set up your prayer group.

  • We Coordinate Prayer: We maintain a calendar to see what groups are praying in unity for our region. This collaborative effort is helping cultivate a growing culture of prayer in the Shoals.
  • We Share Resources: We understand that cultivating a culture of prayer in a city can have its challenges. We are facilitating ongoing prayer by offering strategies, encouragement, retreats, training, and monthly support.
  • We Share Testimonies: We share stories of how God is answering our unified prayers in and beyond the Church.

Form more info or to get involved you can email us at or follow us on social media.